The short answer is not yet!
This is one of the big questions that gets asked a lot about all crypto coins – Why is your coin not listed on the Bittrex exchange?
The Bittrex exchange is the most well known and probably the biggest crypto exchange, it has the most volume and when alt coins get listed on the exchange the price and volume tends to increase and raises the price and profile of the coin. This in turn attracts new investors, many people on the crypto space only know of Bittrex and the top coins many do not even know about some of the alternative crypto exchanges that are available.

In the Ethos case at this time the coin is not listed on Bittrex and the admin of Ethos like everyone ese trying to get listed are required to sign a NDA (None disclosure agreement) when applying to get listed on the exchange so are not able to talk about it. This leaves investors and traders in a situation where they can only wait for Ethos to get listed on Bittrex but nobody really can say when this will happen. So for buying and trading Ethos the largest exchange it is currently listed on is Binance, which is a decent exchange and Cobinhood will be available later this month on their Beta platform which looks good and should have the lowest fees hopefully.


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