Right now – How do I get from USD$ to Bitcoin Ethereum or to buy an Alt coin like Ethos? Well Ethos is going to be a great way to do this in the future but for now there are less options around and all a little bit more complicated too.

Here are two of the easiest for now (Before the Ethos Wallet launches) although you do pay quite high fees but there aren’t currently that many alternatives about. This is one thing the Ethos Universal Wallet and Ethos Platform will address, the aim being to make Crypto to the masses!

Local Bitcoins is a site where you can can buy in your local Fiat currency and but Bitcoins. Once you have bitcoin you can buy other altreantove crypto currencies and get involved in ICO’s Initial Coin offerings.

LocalBitcoins – Referral link

If you want another alternative, and maybe you want to buy Ethereum ETH or Bitcoin or Litecoin which is very popular at the moment, You are limited to buying quite a small amount until you get your verified and the transaction fees involved are quite high but it is a good way to get you on the Crypto stepladder, you can buy bitcoin or Ethereum using a bank or credit card or link your bank account and pay money in to that.

Sometimes the transactions can take a while especially when a lot of people are using the platform.

Coinbase – Referral link

Apparently so much more money is going to be invested in crypto during 2018!


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