Ethos are in the process of developing probably the best product on the cryptocurrency market. The whole industry is crying out for a Universal Wallet – The Ethos Wallet!. The aim is to release the first version of the wallet in the first quarter of 2018, obviously there are no guarantees on this timescale but the rumours seem to indicate the first release around February / March 2018 of a working product. Another factor people are waiting for is the ability to use fiat currency directly to buy their favourite cryptocurrencies and it seems this may be rolled out next which will be afterwards and hopefully will be mid 2018. Please be aware there is no definite road map.

Why do we need a Universal wallet? Well, currently if you decide you want to get involved investing in Bitcoin or other Alternative coins and crypto projects it is little short of a minefield for the average joe bloggs.

This is always going put off investors, so there needs to be an excellent system put in place to help small investors in to the crypto space. So Ethos are developing the most comprehensive eco systems on the planet to tackle this problem. Their aim to to make it as easy as possible for people to make their own finances and reduce the costs involved for everyone and the Ethos universal wallet is the starting point.


  1. Ok, we have to wait for the Universal Wallet.
    But is there a wallet available NOW to hold my Ethos private key myself ?

    • If you have bought Ethos tokens you can store them on (MEW) as it is an erc-20 coin. It is also advisable to store any coins you own on a hardware wallet for example the Trezor Hardware Wallet You can then use this in conjunction with MEW for the best security, and your private key doesn’t even get near the internet which is much safer due to key-logging software and phishing sites.


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