January 2018 Ethos price update

january price ethos

Ethos price update. Well with the Q1 universal wallet release time coming soon the price of Ethos over the last week has rocketed upwards. Obviously more and more people are hearing about Ethos. Today the Ethos team did an interview with a well known Korean You-tuber. Also talk of announcement rumour was flying about before the interview. Hopefully the Koreans will jump onboard the Ethos phenomenon.

These factors seem to boost the price of Ethos, it was at $6 only a couple of days ago and shot up to an all time high of $13 it has since lowered considerably but seems to be levelling out around the $9-10 area. It seems that price of Bitcoin is currently affecting all Alt coin prices as in lowering them.

Is it still worth buying some? that is the big question that you need to ask yourself and most commentators seem to agree the way the Ethos community has grown considerably in the past few weeks pushing up the price already and at this time no product has been launched yet so the question is ‘What could the price be after the initial Ethos universal wallet is launched!’ and don’t forget it then has the fiat gateway to come in Q2 2018.

If you are looking to buy some Ethos you can get started on the binance.com exchange.


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