Where can I currently buy Ethos tokens?


Currently you need to convert Fiat currency For example US$ / £ Pound Sterling to BTC or ETH to then buy ETHOS/BQX on an exchange : Convert FIAT to CRYPTO (BTC/ETH) to buy ETHOS/BQX

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CoinBase – Currently probably the easiest way to exchange Fiat currency ($ etc) to BTC or ETH (To then trade on exchanges for Ethos/BQX) – Later in the year this won’t be needed once Ethos opens the Fiat gateway through its app. There are other ways too.

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If you were wanting to invest in Ethos you need to buy Ethos/BQX tokens – there are several options to do this but currently due to the high demand of new investors in 2018 it is getting harder to open new accounts with the crypto exchanges.

For example to buy Ethos/BQX you would need to open accounts on the following exchanges:

HitBTC – Currently 2nd largest volume – Seems to get mixed reviews buy BQX (Ethos) – Trading pair BQX/ETH
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Livecoin – Seems to get mixed reviews – Trading pair ETHOS/BTC
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Binance – As of 7th Jan 2018 temporarily not allowing new accounts – Trading pair BQX/BTC (Largest Volume)
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** BINANCE UPDATE for limited time only they are excepting new customers **

CoinExchange – Mixed reviews but taking on new accounts & good volume – Trading pair ETHOS/BTC
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Cobinhood the % Fee new exchange will be listing Ethos as of 12th Jan 2018
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If you are investing or thinking of investing in crypto currencies in general, due to the current lack of exchanges taking on new customers it may advisable for your general crypto currency endeavours to open accounts with lesser known exchanges until the larger ones are taking on new customers again.

NB * Currently you can’t buy Ethos on these exchanges *

Kucoin – Join Kucoin

Cryptopia – Join Cryptopia

Bittrex – (Probably the best BTC exchange s of 7th Jan 2018 temporarily not taking on new accounts)
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