Ethos Wallet first release

What will The Ethos Universal Wallet first release offer us?

Shingo Alvine the CEO stated recently that the Ethos Wallet will be released soon and is still on track in the first quarter of 2018 which is between now and end of March.

The team have a private product council that has been testing the app to find bugs and give feedback for improvement before it goes live to the public. Some of the product council are admin on the Ethos Telegram chat and have been raving about how good it is and that people won’t be disappointed.

So what will be in the Ethos Wallet first release?

Shingo commented that it aims to deliver functionality that currently doesn’t exist in the market!

A) Ethos Universal Wallet
1. This will allow users to store tokens/coins
2. It will allow users to send and receive tokens/coins

B) Ethos Virtual Wallet
If you like Blockfolio it sounds like you will be in luck, as your Ethos virtual wallet will have a similar style interface to view your portfolio. Plus it will also have a contest feature.

C) The Ethos app will have useful information and data on coins, showing Trading Analysis, Trading Charts, and will help people learn more about the respective coin.

D) There will be a social aspect which will include reviews, profiles and comments and this social aspect will be expanded in future releases.

I think we all agree that this all sounds excellent and is inevitably going to be very popular and mainstream.

Once this is coupled with the Fiat gateway in the second quarter of 2018 it surely is going to be a game changer and with the lower fees it should be become most people’s entry point in to the crypto world.

You can still purchase a stake in Ethos (hopefully before it sky rockets in value) by buying Ethos tokens (Currently Trading as BQX) on the Binance exchange. Click here to get started with Binance.


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