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The Ethos wallet is available on iOS and Android anywhere in the world!

Click these links to download the Ethos Universal Wallet.
Ethos Wallet on Google play

download ethos wallet on ios

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Get ready to download the Ethos Universal Wallet! the time is nearly here – it is due to be released by the Ethos team at the end of Q1 2018 which is the 31st March 2018 🙂

The first version of the wallet is called the ‘Genesis’ release and it is going to be a rolling release, one of the main reasons to have a rolling release is to avoid problems before the main release such as overloading the server and ironing out any bugs and errors. So limiting it to a certain amount of people first makes sense.

So who will get it first?
The Ethos product council members will be the first of the public to get their hands to download the Ethos Universal Wallet for android mobile phone and tablets and iOS systems such as iPad and iPhone, it will most likely be available for Android users before the iOS Apple version is approved. Also people who have pre-registered for the app and hold some Ethos will randomly be invited to join the product council, plus the top 100 contributors (Ethos token holders). Afterwards it will become available to more and more people once Ethos is happy that the app is running smoothly and securely, getting it right from the beginning is paramount to its success.

Pre-registered people are also getting community partner airdrops, which means free tokens if you have pre-registered and once you have download the app. Some of the partners have already been named, and include Smartcash, Axpire, BitDegree and Follow Coin. The others are still to be named at this point. You also get Gold membership free for the first year, so email and online support for the Ethos Wallet app.

As soon as the app is available for full release you will be able to find the link to download the Ethos Universal Wallet on this page by clicking on the appropriate image. (To stand a chance of getting it early you will need to pre-register for the app, and to get the cool perks you can do this by visiting the official Ethos site. Registration finishes end of 31st March 2018 so hurry..)

Here are just a few of the features of the Ethos Universal Wallet – Ethos will provide you with a smart key, described as a sort of cloud version of a hardware ledger. Currently the largest security issue is getting your private key exposed to others, which in turn leaves you vulnerable to people trying to steal your crypto assets. If you use a centralised exchange and are leaving your assets on the exchange then you are not fully in control of your assets again, using a hardware ledger is the best current solution but not that helpful if you are away from home or work, a better solution is one that allows you do things on the move on your mobile smartphone and for free. Imagine having all your current wallets all in one place, secure and on your phone.

With the new Ethos universal wallet you will be able to make your transactions much easier by creating your own handle which is similar to owning a domain name or your twitter handle etc. You will need to have 10 Ethos in your account to be able to claim your name. You will also be able to have multiple Ether addresses in one account but easily accessed in the Ethos app.

This page will be updated as soon as the Ethos Universal Wallet is available to download.


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