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The Ethos Universal Wallet - What is it? What will it do? When will it be live?

january price ethos

January 2018 Ethos price update

Ethos price update. Well with the Q1 universal wallet release time coming soon the price of Ethos over the last week has rocketed upwards. Obviously more and more people are hearing...
bqx Ethos

Are BQX and Ethos the same thing?

Yes BQX is ETHOS. Ethos was originally called bitquence and traded as BQX. Then the Ethos rebrand happened in Nov 2017. This has left a fair amount of confusion about BQX and...
Ethos Wallet first release

What will be in the Ethos Universal Wallet First release?

What will The Ethos Universal Wallet first release offer us? Shingo Alvine the CEO stated recently that the Ethos Wallet will be released soon and is still on track in the first...